Never Run Out Again

Have you ever run out of baby formula? Have you gone from shop to shop only to find your formula is out of stock? Don’t worry, we have too! We created MyMilkClub to make the baby formula feeding experience hassle free. Delivered to your door. Delivered when you need it. So, you never run out of it again.


Choose your baby formula product and subscribe to AutoMilk - monthly replenishment service.


Choose your product quantity and your preferred monthly delivery slot. We will send you a notification before each scheduled payment. We can also send you a reminder before your baby outgrows their current formula stage so you can decide if to move onto the next stage.

Spend & Save

Pay upfront for your first AutoMilk order. Pay monthly thereafter on the date of your first order. Cancel anytime. No initiation or cancellation fees.

Save time with automated order and delivery.

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Seriously. You’re always in control. Cancel anytime. Still not convinced? Read on.

Is the Automilk subscription only available on a monthly basis?

Yes, it’s a monthly subscription service. We know that you would prefer to be charged once a month, always on the same date. We also thought it’s cheaper to receive one order per month and save on shipping charges. 

If, however, you would prefer to split your monthly order into two, three or even four orders to account for budgeting and storage space (For example, moms of twins go through a lot of formula tins every month and storage space can be an issue) then we would recommend that you sign up accordingly for two/three/four separate subscriptions. Please bear in mind that in such a case, shipping charges will be added to each order.

Do I pay extra for my monthly AutoMilk subscription?

No way! We don’t like extra fees anymore than you do. You only pay for your product and your shipping. We created an auto replenishment service to make sure that you never run out of baby formula again. It comes monthly when you need it, straight to your door.

When will I get my order?

You determine when your monthly order reaches you. Once you place an order you have an option to choose which week of the month you want to receive your order. We created this service to make it easier for you in case you currently have a few tins of formula still on hand. Calculate by when you will be done with your current supply and choose the week of a month you would like to receive your order accordingly. We will ensure you receive your order between Monday and Friday in your chosen week. Once the order ships, you will receive courier tracking details and will be able to track your parcel. Alternatively, if you need a product at the time you create your subscription order, simply choose our InstantMilk option in the preferred delivery week drop down menu and your order will reach you 2-5 working days from the time of your order, depending on your delivery address.  

What if my order doesn’t arrive on time?

If we say you will never run out of baby formula we mean it! You will not run out for as long as we have your product on hand and can get it to your door. Please ensure that someone can accept the order at the delivery address. In the event there was nobody to accept the order our courier company will contact you to make alternative delivery arrangements, but this can affect the timing of your delivery.

We will always hold sufficient stock to fulfil your AutoMilk orders and in the unforeseen event that supplier’s are out of stock, which is outside of our control, we will notify you timeously so you can make alternative arrangements. We will then refund your unfulfilled order or a portion thereof.

There are events we can’t predict such as national strikes and road closures that can affect couriers scheduled deliveries. If that is the case we will communicate with you timeously in the case you can’t get your order by the Friday in your chosen week. We will always seek to make alternative arrangements for you.  

When will I be charged for my subsequent monthly orders?

You will be charged for your first monthly AutoMilk order at the time of placing an order. You will be redirected from our store to our authorised payment gateway, PayFast, that manages your payments. You will then be charged by PayFast every month on the anniversary for your first order.

Before each of your monthly scheduled payments, PayFast will send you a notification to remind you about your upcoming monthly payment. At this point monthly subscription payments are only available via the credit card facility (and not an instant EFT) due to local payment gateway limitations. Stay assured, being fixers by nature, we are working tirelessly to find a solution to this inconvenience.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Although we would hate to see you leave MyMilkClub we understand life can throw us all sorts of curveballs. Please send us an email to  a week before your monthly payment is due and we will take you through the cancellations steps. Alternatively, you can cancel any time before your payment is due directly with PayFast.

Are there any cancellation fees?

No. Zero. Nil. None.

What if I need to move on to the next product stage (ex. From stage 1 to stage 2 of the baby formula product?)

We would love to have you walk this milk journey with us all the way!  Based on the product you are currently subscribed to, we will send you a reminder a month before it’s time to move to another product stage with a selection of product options suitable for the given stage, including the next stage of the product you are currently using. You can decide on your new product choice and subscribe to it. The reminder will also include the link to cancel your current product subscription. Let us take the time to remind you and sort it out for you so that you can relax!

In the event that you unexpectedly need to change your formula product to another one, after a consultation with your health practitioner, we can edit your current subscription to reflect new details. Please send us an email to and we will take care of it together!

What if I have two babies/toddlers on two different formula products?

We would recommend that you sign up for two separate subscriptions. Likelihood is that 9 times out of 10 (unless you are a mom of twins) your two babies will be at a different stage of their milk/formula journey. We would love to be able to personalize each subscription in terms of age related information etc. If you opt in for formula reminders from us then having one subscription per child will be a lot easier to manage.

Having two separate subscriptions will mean being charged twice for shipping, however, since tins of formula are bulky items shipping charges will be based on the actual product weight. So whether it’s one consolidated order or two separate orders you will be paying for shipping accordingly, based on weight. 

What if I want to change my delivery date at some point?

Nothing is a hassle for us. Just send us an email to and we will put the new game plan into action.

What if I want to increase or decrease the amount of products I subscribed for based on my baby’s demand?

Yes absolutely! We don’t want your little one to go hungry or for you to pay for unnecessary tins of formula. Just send us an email to and we will edit your product quantity for you. Your next payment run will reflect the new amount.

Why shouldn’t I just get my products at the store?

We hope the above information has put your mind at ease that it is an easy ride with us! We are here all the way to support you, remind you, make changes if need be and generally take the hassle out for you! And you will never run out of baby formula again!

But let us throw in our additional five cents worth (we talk from experience here). There’s nothing worse than opening that tin of baby formula only to realize that it’s only enough for one more feed... That never happens to our MyMilkClub subscribers. We keep you stocked up. Plus, unlike the stores, we don’t just have two tins of formula on our virtual shelves. We have enough to cover you for the whole month! And, you don’t have to go anywhere to get it,  it all comes to you. When you need it. So that you can spend quality time with your family!