Dissatisfied with your purchase?

If you have changed your mind about a product you ordered or you ordered a wrong product by mistake we will always try our best to facilitate a return/exchange, however please note that shipping, (and VAT) will be for your account, so it is best to be very sure of your decision before you proceed.

We do not guarantee that you will be automatically refunded or product will be exchanged. The decision to refund/exchange will be made upon having inspected the condition of the product returned;

  • Product/Products have not expired within such time.
  • Product/Products may not have any signs of damage or that they have been used or opened in the case of baby formula tins.
  • Product/Products may not have any signs of having been tampered with.
  • Product/Products must have original labels and stickers attached.
  • You are required to log a return on our website or emailing us on within 7 days of delivery.

Not what you ordered?

If we accidentally deliver the wrong product to you or the product is not as described on our Online store, please notify us immediately either by:

Calling us: 073 132 6044

Emailing us at

Logging a query via our website form

We will arrange for collection from you at our cost. Once we have collected the product and validated the return, we will either deliver the correct product at our cost or credit your account within 10 working days.

Products damaged on delivery

If you notice any damage to our product/products upon delivery, please notify us immediately by logging a query via our website form or emailing our team at   We will thereafter proceed with an investigation with the said independent Courier Services company and if need be collect the damaged product/products from you at no extra cost and replace, exchange or refund the product/products within 10 working days.

Defective product

What is a defect; A defect is a material imperfection of the product which makes the product less acceptable than the reasonable expectation of the product in those circumstances.

Handling of product;   The product/products supplied by MyMilkClub shall be suitable only for the purpose for which it is intended and you must ensure the product/products are handled, prepared and stored with care and in a proper manner as indicated under Storage Advice of the label.

Please note that we will only refund to the applicable method of initial purchase upon accepting your proof of purchase.