Muslin Cloth- Deep Mustard Pattern

Muslin Cloth- Deep Mustard Pattern

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The Must Have Muslin Blanket!

Made from 70% Bamboo, and 30% cotton,  soft and breathable.

The open weave and lightweight fabric of muslin allows for airflow, reducing the risk of overheating.

The delicate yet durable weave of muslin also evokes a stretchiness with a ‘natural give’, allowing it to be tucked snuggly around your baby without being overly restrictive.

Things you can use the muslin cloth for:

 1. Use it as a swaddle to help prevent the startle reflex during sleep

2. Use it as a bib during messy mealtimes when weaning

3. Drape it over your shoulder when burping your baby to keep your clothes clean

4. When out and about, use it as a cover when breastfeeding if it makes you feel more comfortable. Try it with the Stella magnetic clip go keep the cover together in place.

5. Drape it over a pram to use as a sunshade (remember to ensure there’s plenty of air flow). Try it with the Stella magnetic clip go keep the sunshade in place especially in the windy weather. In the picture the muslin is featured with the Stella magnetic clip Charlie Brown Toffee with Toffee stitching.

6. Lay it on the floor as an impromptu changing pad

7. Place it in a bouncer seat to protect it from spills and sick

8. Make an impromptu cloth nappy

9. Use it as a mattress protector between the mattress and cot sheet

10. Lay it on your changing pad for your baby’s comfort during nappy changes and to keep the surface clean

11. Wear it around your neck to transfer your scent before giving it to your baby as a comforter at bedtime

12. Lay your baby’s toys on it so after playtime you can grab the corners and tidy them away in one go

13. Use it at bath time to gently wash your baby